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The NEW DivinePro facelift has launched..

The Pyramid facelift is a non invasive, non surgical skin tightening treatment only available in Northern Ireland here at Zen, it uses 4 patented technologies stimulating the body’s own collagen, elastin and fibroblast activity. It has instant and visible results to the skin. It is clinically proven and a medical platform. It increases the dermal volume with minimum downtime and can be tailored to each individual clients needs. The pyramid facial is your alternative to injectables. A must have in the fight against ageing.
The Divine Pro incorporates a winning combination of clinically proven technologies: VoluDerm micro- needling with RF, TriPollar RF with Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) and TriFractional RF. These multi- dimensional treatments work together to renew the deep dermis, mid-dermis and epidermis to provide an aesthetic approach for repairing signs of aging.

Restore The Natural Beauty Of Your Face


  • Skin Tightening
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Dermal Volumising
  • Skin Resurfacing

A Facial With Divine Results

Local Women Editor, Kim Kelly tries the amazing Divine Pro Pyramid Facelift - exclusive to Zen Day Sap in Newry. ``All I want for Christmas is younger looking skin - and I got my wish after a visit to Zen Day Spa``

A multi-dimensional platform for facial rejuvenation

VoluDerm is a minimally invasive solution that uses fine micro-pins combined with radio-frequency to gently ablate the epidermis and heat the deeper dermis layer. TriFractional enables effective fractional skin resurfacing with the energy creating micro wounds. This triggers the body’s natural healing response mechanism, inducing neocollagenesis to create healthy skin tissue. TriPollar with DMA is the only non-invasive technology which uses radio frequency energy to generate heat through resistance in both the dermal and subcutaneous layers causing collagen fibres to contract. This creates an immediate skin tightening effect.

New For 2020!

The Pyramid Facelift

The latest addition to our advanced anti-ageing Pyramid Facelift technology. Using a highly customised series of 6 intensive treatments this is the ultimate in personalised age revision. More intensive than the Pyramid Facelift series, this is the one to choose when you need overall anti-ageing but also require deep revision to a particular part of the face that may be more of a concern to you or that may be showing more signs of ageing than the rest of the face. For example, you want general skin tightening , smoothing and lifting but also want extra work done for hollow undereyes, volumising around the mouth or neck smoothing.

The Divine Pro Skin Transformation Technology

One state-of-the-art platform – 3 fantastic treatments

Consultation is advised for all Divine Pro treatments

Pyramid Facelift
£ 360

Pyramid facelift works on both epidermal and dermal tissues to combine four technologies for total rejuvenation, resurfacing & volumizing and muscle activation. The total anti-ageing solution. Also fantastic for indented scarring.

Voluderm Facelift
£ 270

This non surgical micro-needle technology stimulates the body natural response to produce hyaluronic acid, new collagen and elastin.

TriFractional RF
£ 270

Facelift, ideal for lifting slack muscle tone, resurfacing and rejuvenation of the skin

Pyramid Facelifts
£ 850

Course of 3 Pyramid Facelifts treatments, recommended for lasting results


DIVINE PRO is the ultimate facial treatment platform, offering practitioners a comprehensive toolkit for effective facial rejuvenation that can be personalized to every customer’s needs.
Powered by a range of best-in-class, unique and effective technologies, DIVINE PRO provides endless treatment combinations that stimulate and enhance the body’s natural rejuvenation processes to achieve smoother, tighter skin, improved facial contouring and refreshed complexion.

This multi-treatment platform enables practitioners to tailor an individual treatment plan for each customer, to achieve the desired effects in a safe and comfortable manner, with immediate results and minimal pain and downtime.

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