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Best body contouring treatments for the buttocks

When it comes to improving the appearance of the buttocks, the best body contouring treatments available in the UK is undoubtedly Lipofirm Pro from Advanced Esthetics Solutions.
It utilises radio-frequency energy to reduce fat and in some cases even left the skin of the buttocks to provide a “bum lift” effect. Notoriously one of the hardest areas to improve with diet and exercise alone, the buttocks are a predominantly fat and muscle filled area of the body which can often require a little cosmetic help to improve.
Combining radio-frequency energy and ultra sound, non-surgical the best body contouring treatments such as Lipofirm Pro from Advanced Esthetics Solutions is also great for skin tightening and can help to smooth the appearance of the skin as well reduce fat – in turn providing an aesthetically pleasing result for clients.
The best body contouring treatments and skin tightening treatments are always non-surgical in nature; why should patients undergo painful cosmetic procedures to reduce fat from the buttocks when they can undergo non-invasive treatments that can do the exact same thing?
An entirely pain-free experience, non-surgical body contouring treatments such as Lipofirm Pro from Advanced Esthetics Solutions mean clients can reduce fat and get a bum lift in just a few short treatment sessions.
Requiring no down time or time away from work to recover – as needed from surgical procedures such as the butt implants, liposuction, or the Brazilian butt lift – non-surgical body contouring and skin tightening treatments like Lipofirm Pro from Advanced Esthetics Solutions are versatile safe and reliable, meaning clients can be return to work or be back with family literally the same day.
The benefits of undergoing non surgical body contouring treatments for clients over surgical procedures, such as liposuction, include:
– effective fat reduction treatments
– reliable bum lifting results
– no downtime
– no overnight hospital stay
– no risks such as infection, bruising or bleeding
– instant firming results for many patients
Find out more information about Lipofirm Pro from Advanced Esthetics Solutions
For more information about non-surgical body contouring treatments and how they can improve the shape of the body please visit our products treatment pages which will give you more in-depth analysis of how treatments such as Lipofirm Pro from Advanced Esthetics Solutions work.